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When A Questions Going To Breakup Through Ask Yourself
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First things first – Don’t fall for second passport scams
When A Questions Going To Breakup Through Ask Yourself

There are a lot of myths about second passports.

Unfortunately, the increasing desire for second passports have created a cottage industry of scammers and misinformation peddlers. If someone tells you they can obtain a “diplomatic passport” for you in a month, or citizenship in some far-flung place for $10, 000, they’re either lying or severely mistaken. Passports aren’t just available for the taking to anyone with a small roll of bills.

There are several second passport scams:

Diplomatic passports:
No, even some banana republic is not going to make you part of their diplomatic corps. Diplomats are subject to certain standards around the world, and even countries with looser standards wouldn’t want to give away such a high honor in their country. And certainly not for $7, 000.
When A Questions Going To Breakup Through Ask Yourself

Cancelled economic citizenship programs:
While there are new countries starting to offer citizenship by investment programs, others no longer exist. For instance, Ireland once offered citizenship in exchange for investment in the country. While Ireland now offers residency and the potential for future naturalization to those who invest in Irish businesses or government bonds, they don’t have an instant passport program. Belize also used to have a program that no longer exists.

“Camouflage passports”:
Camouflage passports were initially offered to Americans working in high-risk places. They are passports from countries that no longer exist, like British Honduras or Rhodesia. However, some scam websites claim you can become a citizen of a country that changed its name years ago – and never offered second passports.

Gray market passports: This is where someone bribes a guy in the immigration department to take some passports and put their clients’ names on them. Promoters will refer to their “special friend” at the immigration office. Sure, the passport itself is “real”, as much as a framed photograph of the Mona Lisa is “real”. Gray market passports may or may not be entered into the official system, and they may be canceled if the government official taking bribes is found out, or if a future government decides to take action against “foreigners”.

Black market passports:
Black market passports are always illegal. They are the domain of scammers and are not legitimate in any way. They could be stolen or counterfeited. They could also be as simple as cutting someone else’s picture and information to and putting yours in.
“Banking passports”. Some promoters offer “banking passports” which they advise you not to travel on; the idea is that immigration officials would discover their fraud and throw you – the passport holder – in jail, while a bank would not.

Using an illegitimate passport could cause you a world of trouble. Not only are these scam passports difficult or impossible to renew, but you’d be silly to think you could get away with using a fraudulently issued passport forever. Governments use linked systems to determine which passports are legitimate, and an illegitimate passport could be cancelled at any moment, leaving you in hot water the next time you cross a border.

And YES there are legit possibilities to obtain a new identity with a new, genuine citizenship! But there are very difficult to find and of course not cheap!

If you have questions regarding fake ID's, just send me a PM, I can help you.

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When A Questions Going To Breakup Through Ask Yourself
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